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Rouse Hill School House

Site of Rouse Hill School on the right of Old Windsor Road
Another feature of the Rouse Hill historic precinct is the old Rouse Hill School House site atop the old Windsor Road. 

It was built in 1888 just opposite the carriage way of Rouse Hill House. It is of the standard brick and stone construction of its time. It was designed by the architect William Kemp (Department of Public Instruction) and built by the firm of Cranney and Greenway.  

A matching brick and sandstone teacher's residence was built circa 1895, but this was demolished in the 1960s.

There was a long association between the Rouse/Terry families and the school. It appears no coincidence then that both the House and school were painted in the same 'Pompeiian red' for many years from 1909.

Rouse Hill School House - 1888

Early photo and information signage

Typical of its time, the school house includes a large classroom
 in which all grades were taught by the one teacher

View from the back of the schoolhouse 
The Historic Houses Trust of  NSW acquired the Rouse Hill school site in 2002 when the Department of Education built a new school in Rouse Hill.

This was an important acquisition for the Trust as it allowed for negotiation with the Roads and Traffic Authority in the planned upgrading of Windsor Road. In the subsequent roadworks, the RTA agreed to deviate approximately 1.5 kilometres of Windsor Road to the north of the school building in an arc from Second Ponds Creek to Guntawong Road.

History Services NSW in its Government Contract and Contractors Database has five records relating to the Rouse Hill Public School site including the contract for "New Buildings, Rouse Hill" awarded to Cranney and Greenway in 1888 by the Department of Public Instruction.

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Prepared by Mary McGuinness

All photos taken on the Open Day at Rouse Hill House and Farm on 
17 August 2013

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