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Parriwi Head Lighthouse

Parriwi Head Lighthouse, Parriwi Road , Mosman, NSW. 
The Parriwi Head Lighthouse, also known as Rosherville Lighthouse, is located in what is today a suburban setting in Parriwi Road at Mosman in Sydney. It is just up from The Spit on the southern side of Middle Harbour.

The Lighthouse  was built in 1911 to serve as the rear range light for the Grotto Point Lighthouse. This is located on Grotto Point, near Clontarf and is the subject of a previous blog*. The two lights act as navigational beacons for ships entering Sydney Harbour. Vessels moving between North and South Heads line up the shorter lighthouse on Grotto Point with the taller rearward light at Parriwi.

Location of Parriwi Head Light in relation to
Grotto Point Light which can be seen on
 the headland in the middle left of the photo

The Parriwi Head Light is located exactly one mile (1.6kms) across Middle Harbour from the Grotto Point Light, as shown in the photo above.

View of Parriwi Lighthouse looking up towards Parriwi Road.
The Parriwi Lighthouse stands today in its urban setting as an elegant white tower with dome.

Both the Grotto Point and Parriwi Lighthouses were designed by the architect, Maurice Festu, in a "Disney Castle" style. Being purpose-built structures to house lighthouses, they are both architecturally and historically significant. 

View of Parriwi Lighthouse looking up from Middle Harbour.

In 1911, the light at Parriwi was red being powered by a carbide lamp with acetylene gas generated on site. This was later replaced by compressed gas cylinders brought in by boat. Today the light, which shines through the horizontal slit just below the dome, is green and runs on electricity supplied through the suburban grid.

The Lighthouse is operated by Port Authority of NSW. The site is managed by Mosman Council. 

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All photos taken March 2015

Blog prepared by Mary McGuinness

HMAS Assault - Memorials

HMAS Assault banner as presented to the Inner Light Cottage Museum by the
HMAS Assault Association in 2002
In recognition of the importance of the HMAS Assault story in Nelson Bay, New South Wales, in the Second World War, several memorials have been established in the Fly Point area: 

1. Plaque on the Memorial Amphitheatre Music Shell in Neil Carroll Park 

The plaque was erected by the HMAS Assault Association and dedicated in 1994.

Memorial Amphitheatre Music Shell, Neil Carroll Park, Fly Point
Memorial Plaque
2. Stone obelisk in Neil Carroll Park 
Obelisk in Neil Carroll Park

Memorial Plaque
3. Pyramid (tank traps) Sculpture, Fly Point 

This sculpture at Fly Point on the rise of land overlooking Little Beach is inspired by the shape of the tank traps which were used extensively in the wartime along the shores of Birubi Beach.

The sculpture was erected by the Port Stephens Historical Society in 1995 as part of the "Australia Remembers" campaign 1945-1995.

HMAS Assault Memorial Sculpture, Fly Point

Memorial plaque

HMAS Assault Memorial Sculpture, Fly Point

Memorial plaque

HMAS Assault Memorial Sculpture, Fly Point
Memorial plaque

4.  An extensive collection of HMAS Assault memorabilia, photographs and maps is held by the Inner Light Cottage Museum on Nelson Head. It is displayed in the HMAS Assault  Room.

Wests Diggers Leagues Club at Nelson Bay also has a display of HMAS Assault memorabilia on its HMAS Assault wall.

5. The Australian War Memorial in Canberra, ACT holds a HMAS Assault Association collection  of papers for the period 1944-1994, available at above link.


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All photos taken In August 2014

Blog prepared by Mary McGuinness