Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Red Cow Inn

We lunched recently at the ever popular Sydney Rowing Club at Abbotsford Point overlooking the Parramatta River.

There is one wall in the Club preserved as containing the only remaining sandstone bricks of the Red Cow Inn (originally named the Red House and later the 'King's Arms") and Cottage built in 1837 on this spot.

The four corner holding nails of the plaque on this wall are hand-made square nails used in the flooring of the original cottage.

Today, the rivercats service the busy Abbotsford Wharf at Abbotsford Point.

In 1832, from this location on the Five Dock Farm, a punt service was established to carry people, horses and carriages across the Parramatta River to Bedlam Point. For many years this was the only river crossing between Sydney Town and points north on the Great North Road to Wisemans Ferry and New England.

The Red Cow Inn was a popular watering hole for travellers crossing the River to Bedlam Point and also for those travelling by water between Sydney Town and Parramatta.

In the Convict Database, History Services NSW has records of convicts assigned to the Fivedock area. For example, John Taylor (per Asia) who is recorded as "having absconded from William Wilson, Parramatta Road, Five Dock since 4/10/1843"

If you are researching a convict in the Five Dock area, you should go to our website at:

Also in the Hotel and Liqour Licensees Database, History Services NSW has a complete index of over 52,000 persons who were licensed in the New South Wales liqour industry from 1856 to 1900.

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