Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cape Three Points

Cape Three Points! What an interesting name. We have a friend who lived in Cape Three Points Road at Avoca on the Central Coast of New South Wales. But what is the origin of the name?

On 7 May 1770, Captain James Cook sailed along this part of the NSW Coastline, past Broken Bay. Looking back southwards, he described in his journal "some pretty high land which projected out in three bluff points and occasioned my calling it 'Cape Three Points' ".

The three points sighted by Captain Cook were Bulbararing Point with Tudibaring Head (First Point) overlooking the present day Copacabana Beach [Photo top left]; Mourawaring Point at the southern end of MacMasters Beach (Second Point) [Photo top right]; and Bombi Point in the south in the Bouddi National Park.

We visited Copacabana Beach today and climbed to the top of the Captain Cook Lookout which gives a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean.

It is certainly interesting to explore the history of a place.

The first land land grant of 600 acres in the area was made in 1824 to Robert Campbell, a free settler in the Colony. In 1834 this was followed by a grant to John Tooth. Early farmers lived by small scale farming, timber getting and fishing, often with Aboriginal assistance.

Early residents knew Copacabana as Tudiwaring or Judi (often Judi Barn). Other names for this area have been Allagai, Kincumber and Macs.


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